Andre Solaris 

Releasing 18 mix cds to date and working on music and remix production takes care of Andre’s remaining spare time. The recently finished remix of "Alabama Black Snake" by 8miles high vs. Kgbeats is headed to 2003 Winter Music Conference for its official release. Other remixes and productions include - 'Kwasna Przygoda' (Andre Solaris' Escaped Mix) by a Polish rock group O.N.A. and an original track named "Situated" produced with Hope Recordings' Nosmo of Grayarea, also a dj’ing partner. In March of 2004 an unoficial remix from Andre Solaris and Rich D went on its way to the Winter Music Conference. A great remake of BERLIN's 1982 hit single Sex (I'm a...). "Andre Solaris & Rich D's Confessions of A Dirty Mind Mix" is geared towards peak time sets on any up-for-it dance floor.

In his live sets, while having a driving, progressive feel he often takes his listeners into a more atmospheric territory. Infusing the sets with furious tech and tribal house he calmly takes a sip of his favorite adult beverage while overlooking the dance floor. Constantly reading the crowd, he tailors his mix in real-time while tweaking the controls of his outboard effects units. At times it's difficult to realize who's having more fun, the DJ or the crowd. Andre certainly let's his people know that he's there with one purpose - to make them dance.